©1988, 1991 Tracy Valleau. All rights reserved.

Nexus is not in the public domain: rather, it is protected by copyrights dating from 1988, and owned by Tracy Valleau. Nexus and LinksWare may not be redistributed for profit without the express written consent of the author.

This program is compressed as a DiskCopy 4.2 disk image. It requires a Macintosh computer, using DiskCopy 4.2, in order to create the Apple GS disk. (Just double click on the disk image, and select copy when the DiskCopy program launches. Insert a blank disk, and you

Hello, and welcome to your free copy of NEXUS, the hypermedia program for the Apple GS. Nexus is the Apple GS twin of LinksWare, available on the Macintosh. This is the exact same commercial program that won rave reviews and an A+ Magazine Editor

Nexus (& LinksWare) allow you to link together standard text, graphics and sound files. (LinksWare also supports AppleScript, QuickTime movies and formatted word-processor files.) There is no need for you or your students to learn new graphic or authoring software: just use the files and programs you already have.

Using Nexus, you can open a text document, click on the word elephant and see the elephant!

How easy is it to use? Well, there are 4th graders using these programs...and LinksWare is in use at major colleges and universities, as well as corporate and governmental agencies.

The world is finally coming to multimedia, and Nexus and LinksWare have been reviewed as the easiest to learn and use.

Please note that I am no longer providing support for Nexus, since I no longer have a GS, nor do I have access to one. On the other hand, Nexus has been in use for seven years, and there has been only one bug report during that entire time. (Under some circumstances, the monitor

This is a very simple program with virtually unlimited use.


Tracy Valleau