The Original Multimedia Software:


What is it? Well, if you got this far using Netscape, Mosiac, or some other browser, you already know what a hypertext link is: it's those underlined words that got you here, and what you use to navigate from one document to another on the 'net.

You may also know that using this type of link requires a special document containing not only the document's data, but special HyperText Markup Language (HTML) codes as well. That is, in order to use these links, you have to create a special document.

LinksWare avoids all that by allowing you to use the documents you already have, exactly as they are, without making any changes of any kind. It does this by using patent-pending technology, keeping the link information separate from the document itself.

This allows you to make links to almost any type of file, stored in almost any location, including read-only locations, such as CD-ROM, which would obviously be impossible with HTML.

LinksWare works with text, graphic, sound, and movie files. It even executes compiled AppleScripts, allowing for extremely sophisticated productions.

And it is by far the most simple of all possible techniques of linking:

  • highlight the word you want to be linked
  • select the file it should be linked to

.... that's it: the link is done.

From then on, when you click on that word, that file is displayed automatically (or, if it's a sound file or movie file, it is played automatically).

You never have to worry about HTML: LinksWare takes care of remembering the links for you!

...and, you can download LinksWare now!

Now that LinksWare is free, please note that we are no longer providing support for it, and tech support questions will go unanswered.


  • it's free.
  • Documentation included.
  • Can speak text (with Apple's Macintalk Pro).
  • Talking head feature appears to speak the text.
  • A floating toolbar for simpler operation.
  • A powerful abstraction file creator synopsizes links.
  • Save As Formatted for LinksWare hypertext publishing.
  • Handles simple graphics embedded within documents.
  • Single standalone files with embedded links can be created (no linkset needed).
  • No limits on the number of linked files*
  • No limits on the number of links within a single file*
  • No limits on the number of linked words*
  • Links can be made within the same document.
  • Links can be made to specific locations in other documents.
  • Recalled files remember the window position and size for each link.
  • Links can be made from phrases, not just single words.
  • Moved and renamed files are found without user input.
  • "Find" has been implemented for text files.
  • Links can be made to individual scenes within a movie, including automatic playing.
  • ...and more


"'ll find a lot to like in LinksWare." MacWeek, Aug 9, 1993 (4 stars for ease of use)

"It gets can create a World Wide Web on you own hard drive. It's hypertext, hypergraphics, hypereverything. LinksWare is so cool..." David Pogue, MacWorld, April, 1995

"'s closer to real hypertext than most of the products that are called hyper-something or other. If only it were built into the operating system...If only it were universal." Michael Swain, Editor, Dr Dobbs Journal

" amazing tool...with results as good as you'd get spending days scripting your is my favorite hypermedia program." Mark A. Corum, Eclipse Multimedia

"...amazingly simple...LinksWare has limitless potential for the creation of complex hypertext documents. The manner of linking is so straight forward that I can focus my energies on the project at hand without being distracted by aspects of the program's interface." Jamey Price, Art Director, Page/Bennet Associates.

"(I was) impressed by the smooth fast links...I always mention LinksWare when I talk or write about simple elegant products for the Mac." - Paul Stat, Editor, A+/inCider Magazine