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The Late, Great, United States of America

Fellow citizens, you are witness to a coup: a bloodless revolution. Make no mistake about it: our government has just been overthrown.

I don't care how you feel about impeachment; I won't tell you how I feel - that's NOT THE POINT.

The point is simple: our representatives, who swear to represent us in Congress have taken it upon themselves to overthrow the president.

Our government is no longer representing the will of the people.

This is a tragedy. Our democracy is in grave danger.

What is the out? Is there one? Yes: don't re-elect anyone who voted for impeachment.

NOT because of their vote, but because they ignored the will of people; because they abrogated their responsibility to us.

Yeah, well, you say, they voted their conscience. Bull. If you believe that you're too naive to vote.

The American people have clearly said that whatever Clinton's crimes, they do not justify removing him from office.

Here's the danger:

Where will this lead if you leave these people in office?

They will, of course, be emboldened, thinking that if they could get away with it once, they can get away with it again. They will again and again go against the desires of the people they supposedly represent.

Think about this please!

The issue is NOT impeachment; the issue is NOT Bill Clinton lack of morality; the issue is NOT sex nor lies; the issue is NOT Republican nor Democrat -

The issue IS that our representatives have violated our trust; violated their responsibility and violated our constitution by acting on their own, irrespective of the express will of we, the people.

It is, make no mistake, the first step of an overthrow of our democracy!

I love this country, so I have to say "Fire the jerks!"

The US belongs to millions of us, not just the few in Congress.

Don't let them forget it!


I wrote that a bit ago, of course. Now look at what has happened in the 2000 presidential election! Seems I was right: the Republicans have done exactly as I noted above. See the Election Op-Ed.