Free posters for your community

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These posters are of varied subject matter, such as cultural diversity, anti-violence and so on. They may be printed and used in your schools, places of worship, community halls, and even lamp posts.

The posters are fully copyrighted and may be used only for non-profit enterprises.

To download one of these posters, just click on it.

They are free... you just have to download and print them youself.
(if you need me to print and mail to you, the price is $12 each, in 8x10 form only)

coins poster
bang-bang poster
Different Folks shows a group of dimes in the upper left and a larger mixture of different coins in the lower right. The copy is "Different people: you're poorer without them." Bang Bang You're Dead shows a handgun and a drug user's syringe wrapped in the words "bang bang you're dead." It is an especially strong poster pointing out that one is just as dead with drugs as via a bullet.

If they can change only one life, then the effort has not been in vain.

I would be delighted to accept suggestions for topics you'd like to see covered here. I will do more posters as time permits. Your feedback would be appreciated.

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