Our Founder

Tracy Valleau is best known for his founding contributions to the field of multimedia, when in 1988 he published Nexus (and a year later, LinksWare.) These early works were among the first hypermedia products available, and the very first on the Apple platforms (the Apple GS and Macintosh.) Earning an "Editors Choice" award in 1990 in A+ magazine and then featured in Dr. Dobb's Journal and MacWeek as well as on television, LinksWare and Nexus lead the way in commercial hypermedia products, linking audio, text, video and graphics long before the advent of web browsers.

Tracy began programming in 1978 with one of the early Apple II computers. When the cassette tape was replaced with a 5-1/4" disk drive, his first programming job was to rewrite the assembly language for the driver, speeding up the data access by over 1000%. Tracy's early software work included an asset-managment and depreciation program; a billeting and transient personnel tracking system for the US Army; the first 3-D hidden-line software for the Apple II; print spoolers for Seven Arts; "LookUp" for Working Software, whale-tracking software for NOAA; Introductory Statistics; and a dozen or so educational packages for Critical Thinking Press.

Asked to work for Apple in 1979, Tracy remains today the longest-term Apple developer. His work for Apple included assisting with the development of AppleWriter; AppleWorks; DOS 3.3; MouseText; Micro-Courier; MouseGraphics (which later became QuickDraw); Dow Jones Portfolio Advisor; Apple //c monitor ROM; Apple //c system utilities; Apple /// graphics memory management; Power Tools; DOS 3.3g; ProDOS; Monitor ROM test routines and 65816 assembler tests; ThunderWare Inc - ThunderScanGS; and an 8088 to 65816 conversion utility.

More recent work includes audio and animation on "Little Mermaid" CD-ROMs in 8 languages; Disney - programming consultant; Oracle/NetG - filemaker double-byte language translator code; Silicon Graphics, Inc - VRML 2.0 video streaming and sound spatializing; Sony Imagesoft - Playboy Screensaver (co-author); Jasmine Multimedia - MultiMedia YearBook (QuickTime; animation; game); Jasmine Multimedia - VidGrid, KidVidGrid, CountryVidGrid (game; QuickTime); JumboTron controller for the Javitz Convention Center, NY; Introductory Statistics - Brooks-Cole; DoubleTree Hotel marketing CD; Audio remastering for Jesse Colin Young CD; Toyota presentation - Universal Magic; Extreme Programming CD - Addison Wesley and several television commercials for various clients.

Today, at 53, Tracy Valleau is the founder and CEO of Digital Light Studios, Inc. and continues his 23-year career by producing CDs, DVDs and videos for educational and corporate clients the world over.